Website Design and Content

Website Design and Content netinstall

Website Design and Content

Continuing the theme of increasing online sales, today we talk about such important decisions for your Website development as the Design and Content, the cover of your business and the sense that it is carry on the Internet.

Let’s start with the Design, and with a simple example, anyone can distinguish expensive item on the cheap, that would be a car, a house, shoes that you like, to determine the quality of any of these items have certain criteria such as form, appearance, quality of materials. Design is one of the most important characteristic for web site. After all, no matter how much invested money in website development, the conversion (this term we will explore later) can not grow due to the fact that buyers do not want to buy expensive products on the cheap web site, it can even lead to prejudices about the quality of the purchased goods or services.

Another important thing you have to mention is if you as a customer like the design of the web site, this does not mean that it will like the potential buyer of goods or services, and will help to effectively sell them. So website design is a visual image of your business proposal, so to make a decision about this or that aspect, you need to make decision starting from the users point of view, from the one who put the product to the shopping cart and make payment, because the first of all web site must comply with the specific task.

Content – content of the site (text, graphics, multimedia). The text must be literate, most informative, well organized and decorated. It is necessary to create content, taking into account the requirements of advertising psychology and will be convenient for the consumer to read. A good and unique not copied from another website content – one of the components of the success online sells.

To improve Website Design content should be useful and informative, much more interesting than competing resources. Authentic- visitors should trust your site, add it to their own analytical materials, as well as use the quotes, reviews, and links to other materials. Qualitative- try to public only original and useful content. Do not try to compensate for the lack of supplies of quality and do not overdo it with advertising on other sites. To diversify your content – add the photos of the products, and its own employees. Avoid spelling, stylistic and factual errors – they repel users. An excessive amount of advertising can also distract visitors. Involve the audience from time to time by publishing new materials, using the function of commenting and social networking widgets.

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