Website development and Digital Marketing tips

Website development and Digital Marketing tips

Hello dear reader of our blog, now a few tips that will help you at different stages of website development and Digital Marketing, following which in the initial stages of work on at the very beginning of cooperation you can clearly formulate the task for the developer of your site, at the end of work to adequately assess the results.

• Focus on the audience and clear information.

Try to determine who is a visitor to your site, and what he is interested in. If you know who your potential visitor and then customer, you will be able to reflect this in the pages of your site. Provide your visitors everything that can interest them: the full information about the product or services, the country of production, prices and delivery terms, possible additional costs. Try not to hide any important information on your potential customers – and they will be happy!

• Observe the clarity of the site structure avoid visual noise

Divide the pages of the site to clear the field by using headings, blocks and separators. After reviewing your client, try to show it to the attention – try to anticipate his wishes, create a section of frequently asked questions or help section. A large number of different fonts, colors, appeals, invitations to buy, banners, advertisements and other obtrusive elements cause a pressure effect and can scare your visitors.

• observe the sequence in design – with a consistent design of all the pages of the site looks more professional and  organized manner;

• aim for a clear visual hierarchy on all pages;

• do not overload your site extra information and graphic materials;

• do not hide information that your visitors can search (phone numbers, the price of goods or shipping);

• do not remain silent about the possible additional costs, which may be your customers;

• do not create information noise. They can be banner ads, video or audio players and other third party widgets on your page.

• do not provide too many choices. Try to limit the amount of choice for its users. Make them a certain amount of choice and lead them to make a purchase without distracting from that goal Sometimes a selection can lead to backlash. In such a case can generally not place any orders.

Make a clear call to action

If you’re expecting visitors from specific actions, then make them the obvious:

– If you want them to be clicked on the link – write about it and paint the link in blue.

– If you want them to upload a file – make a big button "Download" and paint it in a bright color so it was hard not to notice.

Make sure that site visitors understand its purpose and what you want them to, no matter from what pages of your site they will begin an acquaintance with him.

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