Another important detail of Website Design is the Usability

Another important detail of Website Design is the Usability

Usability in Website Design is the convenience and ease of use. This term  refers to simple and easy to use website. Of course, the higher the level of usability, the more inclined to site your visitors. This directly affects the loyalty, the number of visits and even a conversion on your site.

All these indicators can be improved at almost all stages of the development of the site: with its visual design, structuring navigation, writing texts and images location. Usability – is a property of the product to be fit for use. The degree of usability can be different, depending on the convenience and usefulness of the product. If we talk about the site as an Internet-specific product, it also has its usability in varying degrees.

Usability – this is the characteristic that is primarily addressed to customer of your product, and searching bots do not appreciate it, it only indirectly affects the ranking. The higher usability makes your site more successful, and increasing your online sells and traffic everything is interconnected. The lower usability reduces traffic, but it absolutely does not mean that this site contains bad content. The content can be interesting, useful, and usability – low. For example, interesting information can not be found on the page or the information is typed and is positioned so that it can not be read Thus, the main goal of improving the usability of the web site – to make sure that even at the most cursory glance visitor could understand what dedicated website and how to use it.

All these factors must be mentioned at the site planning in the future – with its development. It is necessary to remember that the site, as well as any product that consists of two components: Design and Content

The term usability can refer to both the first and the second component. A perfect choice is the harmony between the first and second.

Content with good usability – its well-written and interesting text, high-quality photos, unique pictures, diagrams, which can be read. In terms of the content of the site should be useful, but in this case the visitor will come back here. The term  usability refers also to the Design – that is, to the structure and form of the site, convenient location pages convenience menu, use the buttons, banners and other elements.

Usability is considered to be high when the first came to the site, the customer will immediately understand how to use it. Another sign: the customer can easily stores and easily guided by the site, having got here a second time. The third feature is more psychological character, but very important: the user must be enjoying using the site. As a feature of good usability we can consider and the absence of errors in the use of the site. This is exponential important when your come to large portals deployed with registration requirements, completed questionnaires, interactive quizzes, games. In this aspect, sites with games especially revealing: the client, go to the site is not able to understand how to play, where to start after a few attempts and leaves the site. Improve usability testing site can be a constant real users, record keeping, and this involved professional developers sites, auditors and SEOs. Unnecessary thoughts takes time, effort and interest in buying and large amount of information, sophisticated design and download time repel visitors.

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