Why your business needs mobile app ?

Why your business needs mobile app ?

It is no secret that the speed of the mobile app sphere of capacity building is increasing every day. Sales of smartphones and tablets for a long time exceed sales of personal computers. Experts predict that by 2018, smartphones will become 6 times more popular than personal computers, and any online business should use it to increase online sales

What business goals can be solved with the mobile applications?

In general, mobile applications can be divided into applications for internal needs of the company and the application for digital marketing, branding and increase sales.

The most popular types of internal business applications:

1. mobile applications for the automation of business (restaurants automation systems, hotels, shopping centers).

2. mobile applications to increase productivity and improve collaboration, sharing files and work with them, for internal communication, instant messengers, trackers;

3. corporate mobile versions of social networks;

The most popular types of client mobile applications:

Mobile loyalty program. In recent years, applications are increasingly replacing regular customer plastic card.  Buy mobile for your business now and get discount  !

Mobile Applications – is a long term investment. Even if now you think that the mobile market presence is not necessary, but you can not ignore their active growth.

Mobile phone – it is something more than a personal computer, it is always with the user, it is akind of personal space. So if you want to get a loyal customer, you should consider your mobile application as a new tool that will be useful not only to you but also to the user.

So note some facts.

• The users prefer free apps.

• Monetization of free apps often at the expense of advertising.

• Businesses can invest in their own creation, development and support of really useful and free branded apps that will not contain third-party advertising.

For example, if you are engaged in the supply of drinking water, you can certainly create a useful application calculator for calculating the water balance in the body and fitness app. A company selling the goods for babies can create useful application information for parents or children’s learning game.

• Your business website must be adapted to mobile devices. The number of users who visit the Internet exclusively from smartphones or tablets, each year will only increase.

• Mobile applications, complementary online services and loyalty programs – that’s what the online market is living today.

• The real value and utility applications (health, education, sports, geolocation) as part of the brand positioning – this is exactly what your customers want to see in the future.

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