5 Ways to get closer to customers

5 Ways to get closer to customers

Do you want to come to you more customers?

Silly question – of course, yes! There are at least 5 ways to achieve this. Just in time to learn how to be provided where they are.

  1. Content for users

If you are “hunting” for modern customers, current customers will give you a “bait.” Content that they will create, will help promote the “brand new” down the sales funnel. customer reviews trusted by 50% more than any other media. Therefore, you need to how to create your online community as soon as possible.

It is social proof and it always works. Why? A person before you buy,  need to see the product in action. There are two convenient and very popular platform to host user-generated content. This is Instagram, and YouTube. We will talk later about them.

  1. Digital marketing influence

Digital marketing agents, who are they? These are the people whom you do not see and do not know, but they trust your customers. Studies have shown that 60% of people are willing to try a new product if it will recommend to the blogger. This means that you need to make friends with him. After all, if a person can affect the audience with its support you greatly increase sales. Especially it is working in the field of fashion and beauty.

To the blogger or person, popular social networks, write about your product, just ask him about it. Often, these people are open to cooperation. It is important to look for agents, which the audience is the same or at least overlap with yours. So do not rush to apply to the first that fell blogger. First, learn what his readers and who they are.Now make sure that your product was in the “right hand”. If bloggers recommend it – the goal is achieved. After all, 92% of today’s buyers are important recommendations of people they trust.

  1. Live broadcast

Have you tried the Periscope application? This is really cool stuff! And it is available to everyone.

Initially Periscope was designed to show people the daily life of celebrities. But now, this application uses, anyone who wants to convey some information to the world. Is broadcast in real time.

Periscope popularity grows. They are already used by 10 million people. Why is this thing produces such an effect? Because people are interested to watch each other. Not surprisingly, the average fans of this app spend to broadcast and view live broadcasts of about 106 minutes a day. This means that the Periscope gets a lot of traffic.

  1. The benefits to society

Modern consumers seek to change the world for the better. Therefore, they are attracted to those who are doing it, too. If the company is engaged in charity, is sponsoring social projects, carries out actions to ensure its products of those who need them – your efforts will be noticed. People will buy more from you because they know that you are working not only on their profits. You bring benefits to all.

  1. Mobility primarily we have talk about it earlier 

Modern customers are increasingly mobile. 87% of people keep their phone close to literally every second. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the mobile devices in the preparation of promotion strategy.

Starting with an email-marketing campaigns to your website – every aspect of your business should be friendly to mobile gadgets. Keep in mind a few things:

Now you are fully prepared for a meeting with current customers. These tips will help you to build a so-promotion to become even closer to even the youngest customers. And this is a huge area for zooming. Conversions increased sales and income grow, the business to a new level – to draw a picture? For it to become a reality, just to implement these 5 tips!


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