The Rise of the Blog

Blogging is almost as old as the internet itself, as people have always wanted to take advantage of a free space where they can post their views on any topic, from sports to movies to what they had for dinner last night. Many of the earliest websites were built around blogging communities with shared interests, and without these dedicated groups the internet as we know it might never have taken off.


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As the internet has developed and a more diverse group of people have started using it, though, the shape of blogging has similarly changed. Around a decade ago, sites like Myspace really started to take off, where people could actively connect with others while sharing their views with the world, with a particularly vibrant music scene springing off from it. Social media has now moved away from blogging to now focus more on connecting people, but the blog itself hasn’t gone away. In fact, blogging is now more popular than ever, with an average of two new blogs being set up online every second. It seems that twitter just can’t cut it for people looking to vent their spleen or change the world with their unique ideas, as everyone with an internet connection now has the opportunity to have their say.

To cope with this demand, many hosting sites have sprung up to allow people to quickly and easily create a blog. WordPress and Blogspot are now the standard go-to sites for anyone wanting to start a blog, and for good reason. Unlike previous blogging platforms, both of these sites allow users a lot of options with customization, letting them show off their personality in the look of the page itself as well as the content. Since so many people use these sites, more and more themes are developed for it every day, and the sites themselves are constantly growing. But plenty of people get stuck on this point- since these themes cost money, lots of people are put off trying out something new. If you don’t work to make yourself stand out, though, it’s easy to get lost amongst the constantly growing network of blogs out there. If you’re only sticking to the very basics, there’s a very good chance that people will take one look at your page and immediately click away from it in favor of something more attractive to the eye.

Don’t despair, though, as help is at hand for whatever problems you might be facing. Maybe you want a new theme coded to give yourself a more professional image? Or perhaps you want advice on better search engine optimization so that more people will come across your posts?

Netinstall can help you to fine-tune your blog in a variety of ways to make it the best it can be. We’re sure that you have plenty of talent- so let us help you make the most of it and get noticed.

By Daniel Barnes

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