Brand building and brand management

Brand building and brand management

Hello dear reader of our blog continuing the topic of logo  today we will talk about brand building and brand management . In everyday life, we often use the word "brand". In most cases, the name refers to a particular brand and its graphic display. Nevertheless, the concept of the brand is much broader, and the correct approach to their management is the key to effective business development. The essence of the brand and its attributes.

Today, “brand” in addition to the recognized and legally protected symbols of a product or company, means more complex and information contact him, the attitude of consumers and other target groups. The American Marketing Association offers a set of brand considered "term, sign, symbol and design, intended to identify the goods or services to consumers and to distinguish them from the competition." The brand – it is, above all, a comprehensive perception of the product or the company of its target audience, based on the existing image and personal experience of interaction with the brand. Graphical display of the brand allows the average consumer to easily navigate a large variety of products present, but his choice of it is based on their own perceptions, emotional and rational factors associated with this product.

Brand reputation – is a valuable intangible asset of the company. High confidence in the productby consumers significantly increases the cost and makes the other companies to pay billions for the desire to have a successful brand.

There are different types of brands. Their difference may lie in the geographical distribution.

Local brands are limited to a particular region or country, global – are known far beyond the borders of the country where they were created.

Also, brands can be divided into three types:

• Product brand certain product moves under its own brand, such as: iPhone;

• the company’s brand product promoted under the brand name of the company, for example:Apple

• personal brand in the center of attention – the person, which can become a politician, head of the company like Steve Jobs.

There are other varieties of brands.

– private brands – brands it owned companies that do not have their own production. They buy products from contractors, and sell it under its own brand.

– umbrella brand represents some of the goods that are the common elements of the brand. This strategy is used, as a rule, with the existence of a brand leader. Its success is projected on related products, which are given to some of the attributes of the dominant commodity.

Secondary brand involves the use of the brand in the title of the main elements of its brand components.

Imitators – brands using as communication element of popular trade marks. The identity of the brand is its semantic content, core values ​​and attributes that the company-created links to it, the target brand perception in the minds of consumers. A complete formation of the brand is impossible without giving it a specific identity.

Creating brand requires the participation of many experts. There are other elements of the brand, has a supporting role and contribute to its better perception and memory. These include: a slogan, corporate identity, and so on.